About The Paralympics

Danelle and Rob compete in the VI alpine ski events during the Winter Paralympic Games. If you’re not

familiar with the Paralympic Games, read on…


Who can participate?

The Paralympic Games are for elite athletes with physical disabilities. Disability categories include:

  • visually impaired (VI)
  • amputee
  • spinal injuries
  • cerebral palsy
  • “les autres,” encompassing physical disabilities such as Dwarfism and Multiple Sclerosis.


When and where do they happen?

The Winter Paralympics take place two weeks after the Olympics; same goes for the Summer Paralympics. The Paralympic Games are held in the same location, at the same venues, as the Olympic Games.


Do athletes compete for medals?

Just as in the Olympics, athletes compete for Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.


Which sports are included in the Winter Paralympic Games?

The Winter Paralympic Games feature five sports:

  • Alpine Skiing, including downhill, Super-G, Super Combined, Giant Slalom and Slalom events
  • Cross country, or Nordic, Skiing
  • Biathlon
  • Sled Hockey, also known as ice sledge hockey
  • Wheelchair Curling

Both alpine and Nordic Skiing are further separated into “standing,” “sitting” and “visually impaired” categories to fairly match athletes against like abilities.


How many athletes compete?

In Vancouver (2010), more than 600 athletes from 40 countries competed. 13 women and 37 men represented Team USA.


What is next for Team Vision4Gold and Team USA?

  • 2011-12 World Cups
  • 2013 World Cups and World Champs
  • Sochi, Russia 2014!



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